Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Grazie Oshawa Travel From Italy!!!

Thank you, John:

- for steering us through the muddy waters of trip planning,

- for having more patience than could be expected,

- for being there when we needed you enroute,
- for suggesting & setting up amazing local tours (Sistine Chapel/Vatican Museum and Cinque Terre),

- for arranging the best transportation(s) ever - all our drivers were over the top (friendly, knowledgeable, VERY accommodating)

- for booking the high speed train - so much fun - THE WAY to travel Naples to Florence (you were right though - we should have travelled light),

- for booking the exact rental vehicle we needed, it was perfect (Ford C-Max),

- for checking & rechecking our accommodation (our anxiety over this was unjustified as we ended up on all occasions being more than satisfied - we were thrilled),

- for calling us after our trip for feedback,

for everything you did to make this the trip of a lifetime for all of us.. from Tania`s 1st overseas trip to the more seasoned veteran(s) among us,

- ...did you say a word to the right person too... the weather was the best and nobody got really sick or very hurt (although we weren't without incident!)

- We LOVED our Italy experience!

Thanks again

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