Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Society of Cigars

Cigar smoking is a popular hobby that is enjoyed by many, regardless of age, gender or social status. Cigars are no longer for the seasoned smoker. Cigars have become the staple in society for veterans and rookies alike, However selecting the right cigar for your taste preference is like choosing a fine wine, where careful consideration along with trial and error go into finding the perfect smoke.

The first thing to consider when looking for a great cigar is the body, whether you’re looking for a mild, medium or full bodied taste the cigar should compliment your palate without over powering it. The next consideration should be the size of the cigar. If you enjoy smoking a cigar while playing a round of golf than you should consider a 7 inch stogie which you can smoke for hours at leisure, if you enjoy a cigar while having a nice scotch or after dinner than a popular choice would be a 5 inch cigar. When considering the size there are two factors to look at the length and the diameter. The final stage in choosing a good cigar is its rating. If the cigar rates 70-79 it’s an average to good cigar, 80-89 is good to excellent, 90-94 is outstanding, 95-100 is a classic.

Many people have taken up the hobby of collecting cigars, you can acquire quite a collection of cigars on your travels, From Cuba to Dominican, Honduras and Nicaragua where a large variety and selection can be had. You can travel to the mentioned destinations and tour the Cigar factories, see how they are made and learn a little history. If this is something you would enjoy doing we can customize any trip for you including your tours! All you need to do is contact Melanie at Oshawa travel for pricing and information and leave the rest of the planning to her.  If you’re looking to acquire a collection closer to home visit Durham’s finest cigar lounge Victory Cigars located in Oshawa Ontario. All your collecting needs can be met here, from Cigars, ashtrays, lighters, cigar carriers and much more.  The friendly and knowledgeable staff will make your visit pleasurable and will have you returning time and again.

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