Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Eat your way throught the Caribbean!

Every Island in the Caribbean has its share of great food. If your traveling to the Caribbean solely for a culinary experience you want a high concentration of restaurants in a short radius. Here are a few spots that are considered "foodie" destinations!

Port of Spain, Trinidad:  Food probably isn't the first thing you think of, but in one word the food here is exceptional. If your looking for the Caribbean's best street food and haute cuisine from around the world, Trinidad will be the culinary experience you never expected.

San Juan, Puerto Rico: With innovative chefs and OLD school eateries, Old San Juan produces some top notch restaurants. you cant go wrong eating your way through Puerto Rico no matter where you end up.

Kingston Jamaica: Most people travel to Jamaica to hang out at a resort in Montego Bay, but for those who are more adventurous check out a new generation of chefs in Kingston forging a new culinary identity for Jamaican cuisine. These up and coming chefs are taking traditional Jamaican cuisine into the 21st century with a new flare for some of your favorite Jamaican dishes.

Fort De France, Martinique: Authentic French cuisine infused with creole flavor gives this destination a culinary experience you wont find anywhere else not to forget mouth watering bakeries!

Willemstad, Curacao: With the walkability of this Island and its delicious cocktail of European and Caribbean cuisine this spot is perfect for walkable culinary exploration throughout the city.

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